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Social Media Marketing

You probably aren’t asking why you need social media marketing if you’re here. But in case you’re wondering, today’s consumer-to-business interactivity and business-to-business connection are vital to a company’s survival – and how it’s perceived in the marketplace. Social media marketing means getting to know your clients…and helping them learn what you’re about.

Social media is no longer the new kid on the block; it’s almost 16 years old and getting more relevant every day. What began in the late ‘90s and evolved into the Facebooks and Twitters of the current age will continue to change at a fast pace. At Gillan E. Solutions, we help you keep up. With the proper, most current social media tools in place, you’ll reach your customers wherever they are: at home, at the gym, on a run, at the mall, encouraging a friendly connection that they’ll come to trust and rely on.

Gillan E. Solutions provides monthly social media marketing updates to all of our clients, so they’re kept informed about how their campaigns are doing. We provide data breakdowns and walk clients through the numbers, making sure money and time is being effectively spent.

We can help you use social media to:

Make your brand stand out

What’s your brand promise? How do you deliver it? What can your customers count on every single time they interact with you? Social media can reinforce ideals and build community and loyalty.

Get the conversation going

Getting and keeping clients means driving on a proverbial two-way street: you show them they can trust you and what you’ll delivery every, single time – and your customers will respond by paying it forward when they get those benefits each time, telling their networks why you’re doing things right, and building a community that’s talking about it.

React to customer need quickly

Social media makes it easy for customers to project what they like and don’t like about your company: it also enables you to react in good time to address any of their concerns, and resolve them post haste. Everyone loves good customer service as much as they love getting a deal. Putting loyalty programs in place and solutions to work will achieve both of these goals.

Protect your reputation (see below section)

Do you know what people are saying about you? It could be good, bad, ugly…or great. Gillan E. can help you leverage both situations, turning negative feedback into good customer service and satisfaction, and using positive feedback to boost the company’s image.

We use the following channels for Social Media Marketing:

We use a variety of methods to assist you with your social media efforts, SUCH AS:

We Play the ‘Who Do You Know?’ Game Very, Very Well.

We know people, who know people. The most known of our contacts are web influencers who we can call upon to promote our clients’ social media campaigns. Whatever your product or service, we can connect your social media to a known individual who uses multiple networking platforms to reach a greater population of potential clients.

Old School Promotion Tactics Blended With New School Technologies.

Remember when PR companies ruled the promotional world with press releases sent via FAX and TV news shout-outs of noteworthy events? We use your social media to enhance traditional press releases, viral videos, and other forms of communication.

Reporting Results.

The only way to gage how your social media campaigns are performing is to track results. We analyze your traffic on a daily basis and provide comprehensive monthly reports.

We Never Let You Feel Confused.

Even the most savvy social media strategists need instruction on new technologies, and we treat all of our customers just how they are: as smart business people who may need training on current best practices in social media marketing.

We Make Sure All Your Social Media Matches – Like Your Socks, But More Important.

You would never intentionally wear two different socks, right? It makes a person feel disorganized and out of sync. Similarly, if a client’s social media cover pages don’t match, it disturbs the equilibrium and success of their brand. Gillan E. Solutions designs and tests unique, carefully color and design-matched cover pages with logo and slogan/tagline for our clients’ Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms so everything is in harmony with their company websites and print collateral.