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Again, PPC AdvertisingTargets Your Audience, Every Time.

With proper key-wording, Gillan eSolutions ensures that your ads target the right consumers with sticky content they seek.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)That is, unless you take steps to rectify any less-savory information.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, also known as cost per click advertising, is one of the most popular types of online advertising currently being used to increase website traffic.

So How Does PPC Work?

The process is simple; a publisher posts your advertisement on their search engine or website, and you pay them a set amount every time someone clicks on the ad.

What Will PPC Do For My Bottom Line and ROI?

A well-planned and executed PPC campaign will do wonders for your conversion rate, but if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be an expensive disaster. We have the experience and knowledge to design and run a fantastic PPC campaign for you, providing the best solutions and technologies to suit your marketing specs.

So Why Use PPC Advertising?

  • First off, it’s a smart way to spend your budget.

    Pay-Per-Click means you only spend money when your ad is clicked on. When that does happen, your brand has touched a new individual and made them a possible customer. Certain additional branding elements can be created adjunct to the PPC point of interaction to further web-viewer-return. Ask us about it.

  • We Can Prove It Works!

    Using Google AdWords, we help you track how your ads are being viewed, and by whom. This helps us identify if your money is being effectively spent. No one wants to waste their carefully created budget lines: PPC ensures that you’re reaching only the web customers you seek.

  • It Lets Customers See More of Your Brand.

    Make search engines like Google work for you: marry PPC advertising and SEO key-wording, and more web users will see your brand than ever before. If you’ve felt like you magically reached a product or service you were looking for online in your own web experience by clicking on a link that seemed made just to help you find what you were looking for – then you have directly experienced the benefits of PPC as a consumer. Let Gillan eSolutions make this your experience as a business owner, as well.