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Internet Strategy & Marketing

We know you’re busy: running a business takes work, and spending your hard-won “free” time doing your company’s online marketing isn’t the best use of that time. Let us help you. E-marketing is vital to any company’s success in today’s marketplace, whether your business is web-based or not. Here at Gillan eSolutions, we take over those marketing functions, but collaborate with you to develop a marketing program that advances your company and fits your financials.

Beyond that, Gillan eSolutions delivers white hat or “ethical” SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that follow all search engine rules and policies. We guarantee relevancy and organic ranking for all of our customers’ sites, using proper keywords, link-building and back-linking.

WE KNOW you are making a long-term investment in your business with us, and our efforts to invest in its success in the search space are proven. As well, our work in e marketing achieves lead-generation and other new business opportunities.

Some of the strategies we employ at Gillan E. on your behalf include:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a way of key-wording the backend of your website specific to your type of business, so that it creates high search engine ranking. Without proper SEO management, your business won’t be found on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing – and it will be difficult for your clients to find you. Want more traffic, better brand recognition, and thus more business? Let us optimize your site.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC advertising, gets more traffic to your site by directing consumers to your website, from search engine results in which your company appears. In the world of pay-to-play, PPC is a manageable expense, because you pay a fixed amount when someone clicks a search engine link or ad, and they are delivered to your site. Want to increase your web presence and traffic at the same time, while managing your marketing budget? Consider PPC advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Do you consider yourself adept at social media marketing? Not so much? Using online connection platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more help you to connect with your customers in a more intimate way, and you’ll be able to use these technologies to your advantage to market your company’s most current products and services in an directed way.

Online Reputation Management

Not everyone, or everything on the Internet is good. And, if something negative is written about you or your company, you want to make sure you’re aware of it and can redirect consumer attention with positive, alternative information. You’ll help your search engine rankings with positive data, attract the right customers, and keep your online reputation trustworthy and accurate. Someone needs to manage how your business appears online, and Gillan eSolutions is on the job, 24/7. If something unsavory comes up, we make you aware of it immediately and take steps via technology and PR to rectify the information.