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Brand & Identity Design

We Know Your Brand is Who You Are, and What You Do. Make Sure Everyone Does.

Creating and refining your company’s brand is the single most important process you must go through as a business owner. Your brand is what you show the world, and how you show it. It makes certain promises about what your clients can expect – today, and every day. At Gillan E. Solutions, we place a high premium on brand promise, and our guarantee to you is that we’ll put as much thought equity into how you present your company to the world as you do. And, we’ll do a lot of thinking together.

How Will You Be Seen?

“There is just no way any management with any intelligence and foresight cannot recognize the value of a corporate image. It is the best, singlemarketable investment that a company can make.”

Malcolm Forbes

American business scion Malcolm Forbes had it right. Everything begins with how your company is positioned – what its image is. As such, our team of graphics experts creates designs in line with your needs, time constraints and budget. We create corporate identities, logos, collateral designs, leave-behinds, corporate brochures, and all of the visual branding that accompanies these company necessities.

We’ll make sure your letterhead and product documentation look tip-top. Using the latest design products, including Illustrator,Freehand, CorelDraw and Acrobat, our creative team works hard to product designs that match your target audience and portray your company the way you want your customers to see you.